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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Internet Video Marketing Made Easy! Grow Your Traffic and Improve Conversion

Internet Marketing Made Easy! | Grow Your Traffic & Improve Conversion

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Video marketing made easy and efective. I you want your You Tube video on Google's first page, click on this link and fill up the Information/Quote form on that page.
I just need your:
  1. You Tube url
  2. Keyword phrase you want your YT video to be placed for on Google's 1st page
  3. and optionally your time frame:
    a. 2 weeks
    b. 4 weeks
    c. 6 weeks
    d. 8 weeks

Online video marketing is a powerful internet marketing strategy that creaters:
  • Trust
  • Credibility and
  • Authority
in a vey short time. A video on the first page of Google call your attention or your prospects attention more than websites listed on the same SERP-Search Engine Results Page

"Your Video Billboard by the Google Freeway!" TM - Video Marketing Los Angeles

If you search for "plan for weight loss" you will see there are about 210,000 searches a month.
Now then, with "ideal protein meals" the number of searches is 22,200 and for "diet ideal protein" 27,100. The best ways to loose weight with ideal protein in Los Angeles is with Dr. ken Best.

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