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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alternative Cancer Treatment Cure

Alternative Cancer Treatment Cure

Breast Cancer Cure and prostate Cancer Treatment Cure are the most Google's used keywords, according to an article posted on

This obviously speaks by itself, of the need for a cure of this devastating health condition.

More and more people are shifting their search on alternative methods to combat cancer, due to the failure of conventional medicine to provide an efficient solution, without mutilating the patient's body,through the use of conventional, main stream therapies, like radiation alone, chemotherapy, and surgery.

I my 19 years experience working in a cancer clinic, I found that there are many alternative cancer treatment therapies, methods, and approaches, that give an immense hope to patients and relatives, as well as promising good results.

One emerging FDA approved therapy, is Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is heat application to the tumor, at temperatures about 42.5 Celsius degrees, or about 103 Fahrenheit degrees.

A dramatic video testimonial from a young woman who did not accepted standard care therapies and refused surgery, high dose radiation and chemotherapy:

A moving prostate cancer treatment alternative video testimonial:

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